About RetroCogs

Welcome to RetroCogs blog, the main intention of this site is to share my learnings when coding for the Mega65 and to post tutorials for the various aspects of the VIC-IV and other hardware features.

A little about myself :-

I’ve been coding professionally for just over 34 years, my first game was on the Commodore 64 in 1988, it wasn’t a great game but we all have to start somewhere. From that point onwards I’ve focussed on ensuring that every game I work on is the best it can be and I’ve always been proud of my creations. More recently I’ve been sucked back into the retro world of coding and initially wanted to create a 64 game using everything that I’d learned over the years but on hardware from 40 years again with all of it’s limitations.

About a year ago I got sight of the Mega65 and fell in love, I started to dabble with coding it using the Kick assembler and running the programs on Xemu (the emulator) and my love and appreciation of the machine has just blossomed.

And that brings us to today, the Mega65 is super fun to code for and it very powerful with it’s 40Mhz CPU and VIC-IV chip for graphics. It has features like the Raster Rewrite Buffer which enable just a ridiculous amount of screen layers and sprites.

Hope what you read in my posts will inspire you to also code the the Mega65 and help grow this community.

You can also find me on Twitter – https://twitter.com/RetroCogs