Welcome to a very Mega65 centric blog!

I’m currently working on a shmup for the Mega65 called FirstShot and while I’m procrastinating on the various challenges of making a game with 4 registers and limited addressing modes I’ll be sharing various examples of Mega65 coding that I think will help others to really dive into this awesome platform.

I’ve got the code written for my first two tutorials and am now working on a couple of diagrams to help illustrate the points I’m trying to explain, looking to release Tutorial 1 next week sometime!!

Please leave comments if there are particular types of tutorials you’d like to see or areas of the Mega65 that need to be demystified.

Alright, let’s do this !!!

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  1. Thanks for these blog entries.
    The Mega65 (and Xemu emulator) is a true masterpiece of retro tech for us greybeards.
    Hopefully the kids will get hooked and we’ll all able to wax nostalgic about the good old days. 🤩👍

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